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Veg Sweet Corn Soup




Veg Sweet corn soup is an easy and delicious soup made from fresh American sweet corn, scallions, herbs and spices. You may use either fresh or tinned corn. Serve hot with crusty bread or spaghetti for breakfast, a light meal, or supper.

Sweet Corn Soup is made consisting of vegetables and spices that have sweet corn and mixed corn cooked together to make a wonderful treat. The soup has a thick texture, although it is not as smooth and creamy as the other soups.
It has a unique chunky texture that arises from the use of soft vegetables. This traditional dish calls for carrots, cabbage, and scallions, but you may substitute other vegetables.
A well chosen blend of spices adds incredible scents and textures.

The greatest thing is that this corn soup is a wonderful way to add nutrients to your family’s diet.

It is readily digested, light on the stomach, and excellent in nutrients and flavor.

A hearty, rich, and substantial vegetarian soup that isn’t heavy. Carrots, maize kernels, cabbage, and beans are used in this delicately flavored soup. If you have cream style corn on hand, this recipe is quite simple to make. Of course, you may create your own cream style corn, but I like to buy ready-made cream style corn.

This nourishing soup tastes far superior to canned or store-bought soups, and it is also one of the greatest solutions when you’re feeling under the weather!


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