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Veg Steam Momo (Full)




Steamed dumplings with a vegetable filling that has been mildly seasoned are known as “veg steam momo.” a well-known North Indian neighbourhood as well as a well-known Tibetan dish…

Easy vegetarian momo dish from scratch in Tibetan with two folding methods. In order to keep them healthy and true to the original recipe, this one employs the same steaming method that is used in slow cooking.

Vegetarian momo may be broken down into three steps: 1) make a fresh vegetable filling; 2) bind the dough; 3) roll out the filled dough and shape it into a “Potli”; and 4) steam cook the finished product.

Fresh vegetables that have been finely diced and combined Asian spices are used to create a filling that perfectly balances flavor and texture. Among the spices that provide rich and potent flavors are basil, cinnamon, coriander, and cilantro.

The deliciousness of finely chopped, fresh, healthful vegetables like carrots and cabbage cooked with onion, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, and black pepper makes up the filling of Veg Steamed Momos.

A finishing touch is provided by mayonnaise and a few hot sauces. Additionally, the fiery red chutney will raise the bar for your momo-eating experience with its tangy appeal. Oh, sweetheart, it’s delectable!


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