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Veg sandwich




Fresh veggies, eggless mayonnaise, and spices are used to make the simple-to-prepare Veg Sandwich, which is a healthy sandwich..

A sandwich with a vegetable filling between two pieces of bread is referred to as a vegetarian sandwich. Sandwiches can be toasted or untoasted, and there are no strict rules other than the usage of veggies. Vegetable sandwiches are a common street snack in India and are available all over the world. You’ll want more after eating this meal, which combines flavors that are sweet, salty, spicy, and savory. It is cooked with vegetable filling sandwiched between two slices of bread. Additionally, it is grilled with butter and topped with grated cheese. Spinach leaves, maize, capsicum, and onions are some of the most popular veggies used in this type of sandwich. It’s a common street meal in India and comprises vegetables like beetroot, potato, tomato, onion, and cucumber along with the standard sandwich fillings like butter and coriander chutney. Serve it as a nice and satisfying breakfast or snack. This veggie sandwich, also known as a vegetable sandwich, is one of the simplest I have yet to create. For both youngsters and adults who commute to work, this might be a great lunchbox dish.



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