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Veg Hot & Sour Soup




The veg hot & sour soup is a perfect combination of freshly chopped vegetables and a lovely broth that is both filling and delicious.

Hot and sour soup is a simple yet very tasty dish cooked with a variety of fresh vegetables and vivid spices. It’s a spicy, sour, and hot soup famous in Indo-Chinese cuisine that’s surprisingly simple to cook at home. Step-by-step directions and photographs are provided to help you prepare the tastiest vegan hot and sour soup from scratch.

Comforting Soup Recipes are ideal for when the weather gets cold and chilly. This hot and sour soup from the famous Indo Chinese cuisine is a local favorite. It has just the proper amount of spiciness and a nice sour flavor, so each sip is enjoyable yet leaves you wanting more.

Traditional hot and sour soup recipes use red or green chilies (or chili sauce) for heat and vinegar for sourness. They usually feature some form of protein as well as a plethora of fresh veggies.

My version, too, is packed with fresh vegetables and tart vinegar. This Indian-style dish, on the other hand, merely utilizes black pepper to add a spicy kick. I’ve also made a vegetarian version of the classic meal for a totally vegan hot and sour soup recipe.

As a starter or main course, serve this light and tasty hot and sour soup with your favorite Chinese-inspired sides!


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