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Veg Biriyani (Full)




Veg Biriyani is a traditional vegetarian Indian dish loaded with your preferred rice, vegetables, and spices. This delectable veg dum biriyani needs care and attention to detail, as well as a lot of patience. Your first mouthful will make the time and work you put into the meal more than worthwhile.

Cooking on a dum is also referred to as dum pukht. The dum pukht cooking technique originates in Persia.

It is a method for gently simmering meals in airtight earthen pots. In a clay pot or pan, the various layers of food or ingredients are kept, and the pot or pan is then tightly sealed with dough made of wheat flour.


Steam cannot escape from the pot since it is tightly sealed. The dish becomes extremely tasty as a result of the ingredients or layers being slowly cooked in the steam coming from the pot and in their own juices.


Dum biryani is traditionally cooked in clay pots. Dum cooked food is nutritious since nutrients are not wasted during the cooking process.

Biryani is a rice and curry casserole, to put it simply. Either a meat or veggie foundation can be used for the curry.
The rice is layered with curry, then baked or dum-cooked until the rice is fully cooked and the curry or liquid has been absorbed by the rice, similar to other layered and baked pasta dishes.

For a curry, the meat is often marinated and cooked afterwards, but marination is optional or not necessary for vegetables.


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