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Strawberry ice-cream is a flavor of ice cream prepared with strawberries or strawberry flavour. It is produced by combining fresh strawberries or strawberry flavoring with the eggs, milk, vanilla, and sugar required to make ice cream. The majority of strawberry ice cream is pink or pale red.

A delightful strawberry ice cream is made by churning and freezing red, luscious, juicy strawberries with some fresh cream and a pinch of sugar. And now that National Strawberry Ice Cream Day has here, you don’t even have to be a person called Ben or Jerry to enjoy a bowl of this delectable dessert – anybody can!

Fruit ice creams remain incredibly popular, with strawberry coming in third on the list of flavors behind vanilla and chocolate. This is hardly surprising given how refreshing and delectably delicious a bowl or cone of strawberry ice cream is.

Although ice cream may appear to be a relatively recent innovation, varieties of iced sweets and fruit ices may be traced back thousands of years.  Strawberry ice cream is thought to have originated more than 200 years ago, when the delectable delicacy was given during the second inauguration reception for the United States President of the time, James Madison. It is claimed that this was performed prior to refrigeration by storing massive blocks of ice in basement vaults insulated with hay bales.

Strawberry is also popular when paired with two other ice cream flavors, chocolate and vanilla, to make what is known as Neapolitan. This treat appears to have originated in Naples, Italy, and it is notable for being prepared in the shape of a huge block. During the early nineteenth century, this was especially beneficial since the block provided it an edge when it came to remaining frozen during transport.


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