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Schezwan mix maggie is delicious with tea or coffee and has a spicy, cheesy flavor. The cheesy and spicy form of Maggie, which is just as good as any other variation, is one of numerous Maggie varieties, but I’ve only presented it here. However, if you are making it for a child, leave out the schezwan red chili sauce because it is very hot for kids.

According to your preferred amount of heat, you can modify the spices. You can also add one chopped green chile if you want it to be even hotter. Additionally, modify the amount of butter and cheese you use to suit your tastes. Some individuals don’t like foods high in calories, so using a lot of butter and cheese will give the dish flavor but, on the other hand, will make it more calorie-dense.

A bowl of water needs to be heated first. Following that, we’ll add Maggi, onion, and capsicum to it. Furthermore, this is the stage at which we will add all of the sauces and spices. Getting all the flavors and cooking the components is made simple by doing it this manner. Other vegetables will also be added to the pan at this point if you’re doing so.

Cooking the vegetables in oil while also adding all the spices is an additional option. the noodles next, afterward. You’ll need to continually monitoring them, though, and this will take more time. It will burn unless it does. In light of this, choosing the suggested approach is preferable.


After adding everything,


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