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Paneer Steam Momo (Full)




East Asian sauces and Nepalese spices are used to season the paneer steam momo, which are stuffed with cheese, paneer, and cabbage. A street-style tomato-chili momo chutney is served with paneer momos, dumplings that have a powerful flavor explosion. Since they are simple to prepare at home, they are frequently offered as an appetizer, side dish, or snack.

Momos, which are traditionally of Nepali origin, are now a fairly common street snack in India. Frequently referred to as an Indo-Chinese dish. A delicious and healthy meal, Steamed Vegetable and Paneer Momos are filled with the benefits of green veggies and protein-rich paneer. It is a well-known cuisine from the North East and is best enjoyed with red chili chutney. It works nicely for potlucks, cat parties, and picnics as well. For an even more heartfelt dining experience, serve it with a hot bowl of tomato soup. This meal has a pungent flavor and scent from the garlic. Enjoy the flavor explosion by trying this momo dish!

Your first pick of appetizers this time includes a desi mix! Our momos are served with spicy Nepali and Tibetan sauces and are further packed with paneer in a wheat dough wrapper. With east Asian sauces and Nepalese spices, paneer steamed momos are stuffed with cheese, paneer, and cabbage. Our paneer momos are made even more full and gratifying for your appetite by the addition of paneer and cheese.


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