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Mint Lemon Soda




This mint lemon soda is a refreshing Indian summer drink made using a few spices and soda water. Using lemon juice, water, ice cubes, salt, and sugar, lemon soda is a carbonated soft drink. a delicious beverage that is perfect for sipping after a filling dinner or a long day.

With the aid of mint, you may hydrate, chill down, and, of course, replenish the electrolytes that you lose via excessive sweating in the heat. Herbs like mint are cooling and help to lower body temperature.

In order to avoid heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and even muscular cramps, it is important to keep your body’s core temperature low. The drink and food handling sector frequently requests this lemon juice for flavoring soda pop, mixed drinks, ice lollies, organic product-based refreshments, and many other things. Lemon juice, ice cubes, salt, sugar, and cold soda are all combined to make lemon soda. Lemon juice is used to make the carbonated soft drink. Especially in the summer, this beverage is quite well-known in street side stores. Make lemon soda quickly and easily with only a few ingredients. In North America, people commonly refer to this beverage as Nimbu soda. Making this zesty, reviving beverage is simpler than you may think, whether you’re entertaining guests or just trying to fight the summer heat. It is really tasty and strikes the ideal mix between sweet and sour.


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