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Masala tea is an Indian beverage made by brewing black tea with fragrant spices, sugar and milk. In Hindi the word “Masala” means “spices” and “Tea” means “Chai”. So this is also known as CHAI TEA by the non-natives, is Indian milk tea brewed with aromatic spices.

It has a lot of antioxidants. It aids elderly people in preventing ailments including colds, coughs, cancer, high cholesterol, and maintaining healthy blood pressure and heart rates because it contains a variety of spices.

The inclusion of spices is the primary distinction between chai and masala teas. It combines black tea, milk, and a few spices, whereas Chai is black tea with heated milk. Westerners who drink tea have started referring to milk tea as chai tea or chai latte as chai’s popularity has grown.

Given that it contains cinnamon and clove, it is beneficial for the immune system. The therapeutic effects of the two substances are strengthened when administered jointly. Their combined effect forms a barrier that prevents pathogens from impairing the immune system.

Totally devoid of caffeine and packed with spices, so you can make a chai latte right before bed without worrying about waking yourself up. A well-known stress reliever is chai. Numerous studies have linked drinking tea to many health advantages, including lowering stress levels and promoting calm and relaxation. the savory and therapeutic spices.


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