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Masala Jeera Shikanji




Masala  Jeera Shikanji  is an Indian spiced version of lemonade. This refreshing lemon-based drink is bursting with flavors.

Shikanji, also known as “Indian Nimbu Pani,” is a lemon beverage made with lemon juice and spice powder. After a challenging day, it is the ideal beverage to unwind and soothe your soul. Additionally, because it contains cumin, mint, and even chaat masala, it is helpful for digestion.

To make homemade shikanji  powder, certain common whole spices are roasted and ground, including whole coriander seeds (dhaniya beej), whole cumin seeds (jeera), and whole black peppercorns (kali mirch). Chaat masala, ordinary salt, and black salt are combined with it.

The word shikanja, which is translated literally as a trap, is where the name shikanji comes from. Given that the lemons are squeezed using a tiny wooden device, this is justified. The original sharbat, however, was a far more complicated product than nimbu-pani.

Shikanji promotes bodily cooling, helping people stay well hydrated in the summer heat. It is a revitalizing and nourishing summer beverage that aids in the retention of important minerals like iron and prevents the loss of sodium chloride due to perspiration.

Due to its high vitamin C content, shikanji can work wonders for your digestive system. The shikanji spice blend aids in reducing the discomfort of heartburn, cramps, and bloating. It serves as a cleanser and blood purifier.


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