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Lemon tea




Lemon Tea is a refreshing drink where lemon juice is added in black or green teas. It soothes the throat, prevents cough and congestion.

One of the most well-liked teas to sip while you’re ill, suffering from seasonal allergies, or attempting to sooth a sore throat is this. Your body’s blood sugar is benefited by lemon juice, lemon-flavored herbs, and lemon peel teas since they are highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

This is made with black teas leaves and lemon juice, zest, or slices. The leaves and lemon are steeped in hot water until it is brewed. It has a tangy, citrus taste. It can be drunk with or without added milk and sugar.

Cold Treatment. The common cold can be treated at home with vitamin lemon teas. Energy is greatly needed, and the caffeine, sugar, and lemon all have inherent anti-bacterial properties. It relieves congestion and soothes the throat.

rather of bottled, use fresh lemon juice. The greatest flavor and most health advantages are provided by this. This lemon and honey teas recipe is simple to modify to your preferences by increasing the amount of lemon juice or honey.

Black tea or green tea are used to make lemon tea, and the proper quantity of lemon juice is added. The color of tea is altered when lemon juice is added. The bathochromic shift is this effect, and it also alters the flavor of the tea. It is a beautiful cup of drink because of its distinctive flavor.


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