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Lemon Coriander Soup



Because of this Lemon Coriander Soup transparent consistency, which is closer to a broth, it is lighter on the stomach. Serves as an appetiser and is a nutritious alternative to tea or coffee.

It’s a transparent vegetable soup with combination of both lemon & leaves on top. Lemon enhances the acidic flavor of this soup, while coriander leaves offer delicate citrus undertones. The inclusion of various veggies to the soup makes it both healthful and tasty.

In heavy monsoons or chilly, biting weather, a cup of this soup can take away your cough blues. The soup is hearty, nourishing, and high in vitamin C. This Lemon rasam is another South Indian rendition of a spicy lemon-based soup that I have presented.

It contains a lot of vitamin C and is low in calories. On a wet monsoon evening, serve this soup as an appetizer or as comfort food, or sip it while you’re unwell.

This soup presented in a bowl with lemon and cilantro on the side
Who doesn’t love a warm, soothing cup of soup after a long day at work? We all do, in fact. So, why not? Our undying love for hearty soups is inexplicable.

Soups are not only a delight for the taste senses; they also serve as a soothing treatment during the winter or when we are feeling under the weather.


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