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Keshar Elaichi tea




The Keshar Elaichi  tea is a sumptuous concoction of black tea, sweet Natural Cardamom Flavour, and Kashmiri Saffron extract, which pleases the senses. You will appreciate the pleasant feelings of this aromatic tea blend, made with carefully sourced ingredients.

For your morning tea, you must try the Kesar Chai recipe. It is the most soothing Indian tea, and the saffron threads give it a delicate flavor. You could give it a try and serve it with some evening munchies like pakoras or samosas.

A delicious blend of black tea, sweet natural cardamom flavor, authentic Kashmiri saffron, and natural cardamom pieces make up the Kesar Elaichi chai tea, which is a treat for the senses. You’ll like the warm feelings of this aromatic tea blend, which was made with carefully sourced ingredients.

Popular tea brew Kesar Elaichi Chai has its roots in India. Black tea leaves are steeped with saffron threads and cardamom pods to produce this beverage, which has a warm and inviting aroma thanks to the rich and fragrant mix of ingredients. Several ingredients in this unusual tea have a history of being beneficial to health. The antioxidant qualities of saffron are well known, and it may also assist with mood and memory. Cardamom can help with digestion and reduce inflammation. Antioxidant-rich black tea may help lower the chance of developing chronic diseases.


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