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Iced Lemon Tea



A type of cold tea is iced tea. Iced lemon tea is also a well-known commercial beverage and may or may not be sweetened. Lemon, raspberry, lime, passion fruit, peach, orange, strawberry, and cherry are just a few of the popular flavours that can be combined with it in flavoured syrup. A refreshing and delicious ice tea with lemon is the ideal summer beverage.

At cafés and coffee shops across the world, you’ll discover a wide variety of iced tea alternatives. Many incorporate seasonal fruits for those hot summer months when you need something sweet and refreshing.

Lemon tea is a low-calorie, low-sugar option to supplement your diet with a variety of vitamins and minerals. The limonene from the peel is also added to tea when lemon zest is grated. This antioxidant, which may be found in fruit peels, may reduce your chance of developing chronic illnesses such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, and cancer.

The black tea has a powerful, robust flavor, and the lemon juice and peel that are used in this recipe give it a bright, zesty flavor that is both fresh and flavorful. Making your own lemon iced tea is a better, healthier choice since you can be confident that the ingredients are pure and devoid of any preservatives.


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