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Double Egg Maggie




Double egg maggie is a quick and easy recipe utilizing Maggi noodles . Almost every Indian child who enjoys eating Maggi has this as their all-time favorite recipe.

This recipe takes only a few minutes to prepare and is hearty and healthful because eggs are used in its preparation.

It creates a great quick snack and breakfast food when Maggi, eggs, and vegetables are combined.It is a straightforward, speedy Maggi dish that calls for eggs, as well as any vegetables we choose.

It’s a terrific idea to make Maggi differently by sautéing eggs and vegetables and cooking Maggi noodles with the included Maggi masala.
The Maggi has been cooked with water and masala.

There are other ways to prepare Maggi, such using basic vegetables, eggs to make it healthier, or cheese since these additional components make it more appealing to children and young people.

On the blog, you may find quick egg dishes like maggi noodles, egg fry, omelette, scrambled egg whites, etc.
Noodles can be utilized in a variety of ways.

Although it is not a healthy option because it is produced with flour that is occasionally maida or atta, which can be difficult to stomach, eating it occasionally in an emergency is a nice option.

It’s unwise to make it a habit because noodle dishes in general aren’t as healthful as other foods.


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