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Double Egg Chicken Pasta




Double egg chicken pasta dish is a real delight and takes just 25 minutes to prepare. It is filled with soft pieces of chicken and egg and has a lovely creamy sauce cooked with tons of garlic and freshly grated Parmesan.

This creamy  pasta definitely meets the bill if you’ve been seeking for a tasty pasta dish for an evening treat that’s very simple to prepare with just a few ingredients.

This garlic chicken pasta is one of those “not-so-skinny” meals that I occasionally make without any guilt at all because it is creamy and delicious. There are no regrets since it is so fantastic.

With condensed soup and cream cheese, this recipe for double  pasta is flavorful and simple to prepare. It is unique enough to serve when hosting guests. To ensure there are leftovers, I normally double the recipe.

The fact that it is creamy and tasty makes this garlic chicken pasta one of those “not-so-skinny” meals that I occasionally prepare guilt-free. It is so great that there are no regrets.

This dish for double egg chicken pasta is tasty and easy to make because it uses condensed soup and cream cheese. It is distinctive enough to serve when entertaining visitors. I usually double the recipe to ensure there are leftovers


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