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Chilli Chicken (12pc)



Bell peppers, garlic, chicken, spicy sauce, and soy sauce are used to make the sweet, slightly sour, and spicy appetiser known as “chilli chicken.”The most well-known dish in Indo-Chinese cuisine is chilli chicken, a sweet, sour, spicy, and crispy appetiser. Spicy sauce is used to sauté crispy marinated chicken. You may prepare this chilli chicken as a dry appetizer or as a sauce to eat with rice.

This chicken is coated in fragrant, sweet, spicy sauces and is coated in a crispy exterior. It is incredibly tasty, juicy, and crispy, which are all qualities you want in a chicken starter. Chicken is fried and then covered in a hot spicy sauce in this recipe for spicy chilli chicken.

In order to prepare this Chilli Chicken, I normally fried the chicken first. The chicken can be air-fried if you want to make it healthier, though I haven’t done it yet.
This recipe makes dry chilli chicken, but if you’d rather have it with sauce as a main course with rice or noodles, you may do that as well. The best way to eat this spice chicken is hot.

Indo Chinese, often known as Indianized Chinese cuisine, refers to the addition of basic Indian components to well-known Chinese meals to make them more palatable to Western palates. The sentimental craving for Indo Chinese cuisine of the expatriate Indian is also catered to by several eateries in the West and the Middle East. In significant North American cities, the food is likewise becoming more popular. When young people eat out, it is the most popular choice. This seems to be the best option, whether you are running late for supper or lunch.

It takes hardly any time to make chili chicken, which is delicious and surprisingly simple to make. You gotta try it!


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