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Chicken Tikka Masala




Chicken tikka masala in a spiced sauce, roasted chunks are marinated and served . Typically, the sauce has an orange tint and is creamy. Cooks from India who lived in Great Britain made the dish popular. It is now served in restaurants all over the world.

The main component is chicken tikka. Which are boneless chicken chunks that have been marinated in spices. Yogurt and baked before being served with a creamy sauce. A tomato and coriander sauce is typical, but there is no set recipe for chicken ; according to a poll, the only item shared by all 48 different versions was chicken. Typically, the sauce contains tomatoes (often in the form of a purée), cream, coconut cream, and a masala spice blend. Orange coloring for the sauce and chicken pieces can be achieved using ingredients like tomato purée, paprika, turmeric, or food dye.

Not only is chicken tikka masala the most popular dish, but it also serves as an excellent example of how Britain incorporates and modifies other influences, making it a truly British national food. An Indian dish is chicken tikka. To fulfill British people’s craving for their meat to be presented in gravy, the masala sauce was added.



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