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Chicken Tandoori Momo (Full)




The precooked chicken in the extra-thin wrapper of a chicken tandoori momo. Indian spices are used to enhance the momos’ flavour and give them an Indo-Asian flavour..

A recipe for chatpata masaledar momos is tandoori chicken momos. Shredded chicken tikka is stuffed inside paper-thin sheets of momo skin, pleated, and steam-cooked in this hybrid Indo-Chinese dish.
These steamed dumplings are coated in a mouthwatering tandoori sauce to give it a true tandoori flair.
When you bite into this momo, the masaledar sauce, chatpata chicken tikka, and silky, thin momo skin all fill your tongue with delicious flavors. Yumm ! Along with a main meal, serve this recipe for tondoori chicken momo as an appetizer.

Steamed dumplings with origins in Tibet and Nepal are known as momos. As a snack, these Indian-style Tandoori Chicken Momos are incredibly tasty, healthful, and simple to prepare.

We have an endless variety of momos to choose from, including steamed, fried, gravy, and more. We now present you with one more delectable dish to add to this collection. This momos dish is filled to the brim with mouth-watering flavors. They are known as Tandoori Chicken Momos. You must have all eaten traditional Tandoori dishes like Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Paneer, and others. Try this special recipe for Tandoori momos to kick things up a notch right now.
As the name indicates, this dish calls for momos to be cooked to perfection while being covered in a pool of butter and spices. You will like devouring it since it contains all the delicious flavors of North Indian food. Undoubtedly, the traditional momos dish gets a new spin with this tandoori chicken version. Look at this.

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