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Chicken Steam Momo (Full)




Soy sauces, garlic paste, chilies, and black pepper are used to season the delicious chicken contents inside of chicken steam momo. Chicken steamed  momo A tasty and straightforward momo recipe with juicy chicken mince is provided. a unique street snack found mostly in Sikkim or Darjeeling. These momo have very basic, light fillings. Serve these momo with the chili garlic sauce.

Anyone’s mouth can start to wet just by hearing the term “momos,” which is derived from the Chinese word “momo,” which means “steamed bread. “This snack food, which has its origins in Tibet, is quite reminiscent of Chinese dumplings. Additionally, it’s one of the most delicious street meals in India, and eating it will never grow old! Traditionally steamed, these dumplings are delicate and juicy.

A famous dish in Tibet is the North Eastern dish known as “Chicken Momo.”
A thin layer of flour dough is used as a casing for chicken mince that has been flavor-infused with soy sauce, chiles, and pepper. As a steamed dim sum meal, it has delicate chicken and is a nutritious high protein food.
Serve the Chicken Momo Recipe (delicious steamed chicken dumplings) with the Peanut Chilly Dipping Sauce as a snack in the evening. These momos are a treat for all momo lovers out there. They are steamed and stuffed with tender soft chicken fillings along with flavoured soy sauces, garlic-ginger paste, green chilies, salt & pepper, the garlic sauce and mayonnaise add a crowning touch, and the hot schezwan chutney – with its zesty appeal will take your momo-eating experience to the next level!

Momos are filled with delicious chicken stuffing that has been spiced up with sauce, paste, salt, and other seasonings. The meal for folks who are constantly hungry is this momo, which is high in protein. savor it!


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