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Chicken Manchow Soup




It is hot, loaded with chicken, vegetables, and crunchy fried noodles on top. This homemade version is simple to make and so delicious!

It is a dark brown soup made with different vegetables, scallions, and chicken, thickened with stock and corn flour, and seasoned with significant amounts of soy sauce, salt, garlic, chili peppers, and, most notably, ginger.

Another one of our Restaurant makeovers is this boiling hot bowl of Chicken Manchow Soup! It’s spicy and hot, and it’ll definitely warm you up!

It’s remarkable how such great flavors can arise from such a basic mixture as this! The fundamental flavors for manchow soup are created by combining cornflour, pepper, vinegar, soy sauce, and water. All of these tastes work together to create a restaurant-style Healthy Manchow soup that replenishes the body.

This soup has been on my mind ever since I tasted it at a restaurant where we recently dined. That was the first time I heard and experienced this delectable delight. It was hot while also having a variety of flavors. The soup was garnished with a crunchy noodle topping that truly elevated it. They were delicious.

It is classified as a thick soup since it contains corn flour as a thickening ingredient. It’s an all-time classic and a great way to start any meal.


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