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Chicken kasa is nothing but it is a dry chicken curry, as is the process of making gravy without the use of water. And I never loved anything watery when I was a youngster. I therefore reasoned that it would be best to prepare the entire robust dish and serve it with some steamed rice or chapatis.

In the Eastern states of India, the chicken kassa dish is highly well-liked. in West Bengal and Odisha in particular. Bengali speakers also refer to it as Murgir kosha mangsho. This chicken dish is somewhat dry. In this recipe, the chicken is cooked in a hearty, spicy sauce. With steaming hot rice, roti, paratha, or naan, it tastes fantastic as a side dish.

Our restaurants’ menus also feature chicken kassa. Many people also enjoy the vegetarian variations, such as gobi and aloo kassa.

The term “Kassa,” “Kasha,” or “Kosha” basically refers to a cooking technique that involves patiently roasting the masala foundation until the masala is cooked and the oil separates.

There are regional variations in the chicken kasha dish. I’m going to share a straightforward recipe with you. It doesn’t require marination, coconut, cashews, yogurt, or milk.

It’s a dish that’s only slightly moist. The chicken is first roasted in the masala and then slowly simmered in its own juice on a low temperature until tender.

For a quick lunch or evening meal, try this delectable chicken kassa served with rice, dal, and kachumber salad.

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