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A cheese roll is a snack dish from New Zealand that is similar to Welsh rarebit. It is made by wrapping a slice of bread with a prepared filling that is primarily made of grated or sliced cheese, rolling it into a tube shape, and toasting it. In the Otago and Southland Region, cheese rolls are a highly well-liked dish that are frequently available on the menus of cafeterias and other eating establishments. They are also occasionally referred to as southern sushi.They are one of the few dishes that are unique to just one of New Zealand’s two major islands.

The recipe is easy to make because it only requires a slice of bread and some cheese. More frequently than not, components are added to a filling mixture that has already been made. Although various fillings, like crushed pineapple or sweet corn, are also known, these ingredients commonly consist of onion, Worcestershire sauce, and onion soup mix. The filling is made separately and then combined with the bread.

Either the crust is broken to prevent the slice from springing back into a flattened shape, or the bread is skewered with toothpicks to maintain its rolled shape. In order to enhance flavor and give the toasted roll a more golden color, the outside of the roll is periodically thinly covered in butter before toasting.


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