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Chaiops Special Egg Chicken Roll




Chaiops special egg chicken roll is nothing but all-purpose flour, stir-fried chicken, yoghurt, and eggs are wrapped into paranthas .This delicious recipe might be a lifesaver on days when you don’t want to cook a complicated meal. Rolls are a frequent favorite evening snack in India and are highly popular there. There are numerous varieties of the egg roll, including the fish roll, potato roll, paneer roll, mutton roll, and Kathi kebab roll. Indian spices give this simple dish, which uses chicken, its distinctive aroma. Making this dish also allows you to use any leftover chapatis and parathas. Whole wheat flour can also be used to create it if you don’t like maida or all-purpose flour.

In this roll dish, tender chicken pieces have been marinated in spices, roasted over charcoal, and wrapped in slightly sweet, flaky porota (paratha) with sliced onions, lime, and green chilies. That’s how easy it is, truly! We demonstrate the best approach to create the wrap’s dough as well as the chicken from scratch. We have used the ‘dhungar’ method of infusing smokeiness because we are baking kababs in the oven (as opposed to a tandoor or charcoal oven). We’re pan-frying the kababs with onions and capsicum in a similar fashion to Hot Chicken Roll on Park Street, but if you’d rather, you can serve them with simply sliced raw onions and chillies.


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