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Espresso, heated milk, and foam are the perfect combination in a cappuccino. Structure and the equitable division of each component into thirds are the two key components of this coffee. Rich but not acidic, and with a moderately sweet flavour from the milk, this coffee should be brewed properly.

The cappuccino-coffee, like the latte, originally appeared in Europe and America around 1980. Originating in Italy (as does most fine coffee), the coffee has a name that when translated literally implies how it’s manufactured or what it contains – but it’s a bit different. Because the color of the espresso and frothed milk resembled the color of the Capuchin monk robes, the delightful beverage was named “cappuccino.”

This coffee is a well-balanced coffee that will put any barista’s talents to the test. A cappuccino-coffee is one of the most popular coffee kinds in the UK, second only to the latte. It is known for the equal distribution of coffee and milk and is served in a big cup with a coating of chocolate on top.

This coffee is all about the structure and the even division of all ingredients into equal thirds. A well-made cappuccino should be creamy but not acidic, with a somewhat sweet flavor from the milk. Because the milk isn’t really blended in, the espresso has a stronger flavor.


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