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Black tea



Black tea is a particular variety of tea made from the Camellia sinensis plant that has been heavily oxidised, giving it a dark reddish-gold colour, a robust, slightly astringent flavour, and a moderate level of caffeine.

Due to its robust flavor and prolonged shelf life, it is the most popular variety of tea in the West. It is a broad category that includes numerous well-known types including English breakfast and Earl Grey. Africa and Sri Lanka contribute significantly to the production of this tea, which is produced in India, which accounts for half of global output. Both hot and cold drinks may be made using black tea.

It may be used to make both hot and iced tea; in the United States, iced tea makes up the great bulk of the tea’s consumption. While some black teas are meant to be consumed with milk or sugar, others are self-drinkers, or teas that taste best on their own. Masala chai, English breakfast, and Assam tea are examples of teas that are typically sipped with milk or sugar. Earl Grey teas, which aren’t often drank with milk, and iced Ceylon teas are among the teas that are customarily sipped with lemon and/or sugar.

Black teas are among the best teas to drink for breakfast and afternoon tea. Black teas are perfect for matching with Western food because of their strong tastes, but some African, Indian, and Thai dishes may also go well with these teas.


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